Important Contacts, Links and Helplines in India

Important contact numbers, links and helplines in India are listed below. Keep these numbers handy for any emergency, getting quick information or for reporting any incident like crime, accident etc. If you notice any important or relevant number missing from the list, please take a moment to notify us through Contact Us section and we will update the details as soon as possible. You can share this page through appropriate channel using the icons on left side of website.

  1.  Police Control Room all over the country : Dial 100 from any landline phone or STD(area) code +100 from mobile phone. To dial from a mobile phone directly , dial 112 or 911. You can dial 112 or 911 from mobile phone even when the keypad is locked, there is no balance(outgoing blocked) or even without a SIM card. Police control room can be dialed for any type of emergency like police, crime, medical, accident etc.
  2. Fire Emergency :  Dial 101 from any land line phone or with area code if dialing from mobile phone.
  3. Medical emergency:  Dial 102 from any land line phone or with area code if dialing from mobile phone.
  4. Emergency contact number: Dial 108 from land line phone or with area code if dialing from mobile phone. Most of the states in India provide prompt and immediate response for any incidents reported on this number.
  5. Terrorist helpline (your identity will be kept secret) : Dial 1090
  6. Women helpline in Delhi : 1091
  7. Indira Gandhi International Airport , New Delhi: (011) – 25675291 , 25652325
  8. Indian Railways : Website: , (reservations) ; helpline: 011-23345300 (Central Control), 011-23221147 (North Zone), 033-266601743 (East Zone), 040-27716145 (South Central Zone), 022-22618067 (West Zone) and 044-25353341 (South Zone)
  9. Childline Children helpline: 1098

Some Important Links

  1. National Portal of India
  2. Online Services
  3. Census data of India
  4. National Database of India


 Below are important contact numbers like Police, Hospitals, Doctors etc for Indian Cities.

City Category Category Category Category Category
New Delhi Hospital Doctor Police/Emergency Helplines Administration
Rewa Hospital Doctor Police/Emergency Helplines Administration

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