Terms and Conditions of Service

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Content Publishing Guidelines

  1. Only the content which is related to India, directly or indirectly is allowed at this time. The whole purpose is to have rich content about India directly from the authentic sources and users.
  2. At this point we are looking for content and photographs from all categories like States, Cities, Towns, Arts, Culture, Travel Places , Photographs in all categories.
  3. Some general guidelines need to be followed as below to ensure quality content.
  4. Follow a general hierarchy e.g. Start with small introduction , history, further details, references, data, stats etc. As a reference see Madhya Pradesh page for states , Rewa Page for City/town. These are only general guidelines and not binding and we would welcome anything new.
  5. Keep sentences short and simple.
  6. Include points wherever possible. Statements in short paragraphs and points are easier to read and understand.
  7. Mix and include images with content wherever possible. You can include full size images, we will take care of reducing the size and thumbnail view for them.
  8. First preference should always be original content. If you are copying the content or images form some other source, make sure it is not protected by copyright or intellectual property rights (IPR). You are responsible for content you submit and any challenged content will be immediately removed from website.
  9. Only include relevant information. Do not try to include too much information or data. The content is probably not going to be used for research purposes. Always think what would you like to read if you were the user.
  10. Include short description of yourself like the name you would like to be published with article , the place you belong to and any other special requests at the end of the article. This will be used to attribute your work.
  11. Any photographs should have a copyright /attributes if attribution is intended.
  12. For any updates/ modifications/corrections, please mention the link and updates clearly. Any citations or references will be appreciated.

Publishing terms and Conditions

  1. By submitting the content, you agree that you are the owner of the information being provided or the material is not protected by copyright.
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  3. The content on the website is licensed for public use under Creative Common License and open source licence. So, website users may download, copy, share, distribute the content unless otherwise stated on the individual articles.
  4. Modification and update permission is also granted with condition that any such changes should not be used for bad publicity of the country, misrepresent the information and spread any kind of wrong message to anyone. Any such changes are however requested to be brought under notice for review and should mention the source.
  5. You can provide link to this website without any prior notice on your websites meeting the terms of service of this website.
  6. If you do not agree to the terms , please do not submit the content on this website.
  7. The terms may be modified without any prior notice and any other versions , written or published may be obsolete. Last updated September 16, 2013.


Business Directory & classifieds terms and conditions

Any business or personal listings submitted should meet the below terms and conditions at minimum in addition to the other applicable local and international laws. Read them before submitting any listing

  1. All Business or personal classified listings (referred to as ‘listings’ herein and after) must meet the quality and content guideline of the website.
  2. Any business, article or service etc which is prohibited by law shall not be listed.
  3. Any form of Adult entertainment or services shall not be listed here.
  4. Listings can be removed at any time by the website without any prior notice. Also, the listings will automatically be removed after 6 months.
  5. Website retains all the rights to publish, renew or retain any listings or its contents at its sole discretion.
  6. These terms may be updated at any time without any prior notice. Last updated Mar 02, 2014.