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Geography of Rewa City, Madhya Pradesh, India

Rewa Introduction | History  |  Geography  |  Contacts  |  Tourism |  Arts & Crafts | Education | Facts & Figures Geography of Rewa >> Map & Location | Forests | Rivers | Mountains & Plateaus | Agriculture Road distance of Rewa from: Allahabad 130 KM 3 Hour Satna 55 KM 1 Hour Khajuraho 165 KM  3.5 […]

Rewa City, Madhya Pradesh, India

White Tiger

   Introduction History Geography Important Numbers Travel & Tourism Govindgarh | Bandhavgarh Bansagar | All Arts and Crafts Gallery Education Facts and Figures References View Larger Map   Rewa (रीवा ) at a glance Rewa City is located in the north-east of Madhya Pradesh state, sharing its boundary with Allahabad (Prayag) , Uttar Pradesh in the […]

History of Madhya Pradesh, India

History of Madhya Pradesh dates back to around 500,000 years back from pottery excavated from  Bhimbetka rock shelters near Ujjain. Chandragupta Maurya united northern India around 320 BCE, establishing the Maurya empire, which included all of modern-day Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) – The heart of Incredible India

सुख का दाता सब का साथी शुभ का यह संदेश है, माँ की गोद, पिता का आश्रय मेरा मध्यप्रदेश है   Madhya Pradesh at a glance Gallery History Major Cities Bhopal | Indore | Rewa | Jabalpur | All Travel & Tourism Art & Culture Geography Regions | Climate | Flora & Fauna | Rivers […]

States and Union Territories of India

There are 29 States and 6 Union territories in the Union of  India as of June, 2014. Political map of India and a quick snapshot of all states and union territories of India is presented below in tabular form.  Political Map of India – Click on a state to view its page   Below is […]