Geography of Rewa City, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Rewa District Map

Road distance of Rewa from:

Allahabad 130 KM 3 Hour
Satna 55 KM 1 Hour
Khajuraho 165 KM  3.5 Hour
Jabalpur 175 KM  5 Hour
Bhopal 500 KM  12 Hour
Indore 676 KM 15 Hour
Bandhavgarh 120 KM  2.5 Hour
Sidhi 80 KM  2 Hour
Shahdol 160 KM  3 Hour
Katni 140 KM  3 Hour
Raipur(C.G.) 460 KM 12 Hour
The district can be divided into the four natural parts-kymore pahar(केमोर पहाड़ ), Binjh Pahar, Rewa Plateau and Lower-Northern Plain .The Huzur, Sirmour and Mauganj tahsils lie between the Kymore on the south and the Vindhyachal (विंध्यांचल) or Binjh pahar on the north and from what is known as Rewa plateau or uprihar. To the north of the Vindhyachal in the uprihar lies Teonther tahsils whish is quite different with regard to its physical and other features from the plateau tahsils. Rewa is basically a plateau and from the south to the north its height decreases. In the south the height of Kymore range is more than 450 meters, whereas the height  of Alluvral plain of Teonthor is just 100 meters. In the district, dissected hills, ravines, plain plateau, scarp, water-fall and alluvral plain can be seen. The rain-water of the district is flown out by the two assisting rivers of the Ganga, Tons (टोन्स  ) or Tamas(टमस) and Son (सोन ). Most of the rivers in the district intitrate from the Kymore ridges which from the watershed for the area . Bichiya (बिछिया) River flows through the heart of Rewa city and Beehar (बीहर ) flows just outside the city.

Significant waterfalls on the Tamas or Tons and its tributaries, as they come down from the Rewa Plateau, are: Chachai Falls (127m) on the Bihad River, a tributary of the Tamas, the Keoti Falls (98m) on the Mahana River, a tributary of the Tamsa, Odda Falls (145m) on the Odda River, a tributary of the Belah River, which is itself a tributary of the Tamsa, and Purwa Falls (70m) on the Tamsa or Tons


Location & Geographical Area

Rewa lies between 240 ° 18’ and 250 ° 12’ north latitudes and 810 ° 2’ and 820 ° 18’. The district is bounded on the north by Uttar Pradesh, on the east and southeast by Sidhi, on the south by Shahdol, and on the west by Satna. It is part of Rewa Division. It has an area of 6,240 km2.

Divisions in Rewa

Rewa district is divided in to 9 tehsils named Mangava, Naigarhi, Sirmaur, Jawa, Teonthar, Hanumana, Hujur, Raipur Karchulian and Mauganj, whereas Rewa city lies in Hujurs Tehsil. Top

Forests in and around Rewa

Rewa is very rich in Natural resources like forests (with total area of 3072.41 Sq. K.M), Wildlife and Minerals. Below are the forests in and around Rewa.

  1. Bandhavgarh National Forest
  2. Govindgarh
  3. Son Ghariyal
  4. Kuthuliya Forest

Rivers in and around Rewa

  1. Tons or Tamas
  2. Son
  3. Bichiya
  4. Beehar



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