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Govindgarh(गोविन्दगढ़) Forest and Lake

Govindgarh is a small town located about 25 km from Rewa city. It was the summer capital during the princely rule due to its green surrounding , beautiful and large lake (biggest in Asia) and pleasant weather. Govindgarh also has dense and beautiful forest cover which attracts lot of tourists from all over the country. Govindgarh royal fort has recently been leased out for renovation and development as a tourist attraction.

Other things to know about Govindgarh:

  1. Nearest Railway Stations are Rewa(25 km) , Satna (50 km)
  2. Nearest Airports are Rewa air strip (25 km), Allahabad (160 km) , Jabalpur (175 km)
  3. Sundarja variety of mangoes from Govindgarh are famous all over the country and are also exported out of the country.
  4. There are lot of temples in the area. Ram Govind Temple, Panchmukhi Temple, Chowandi Temple, Shiv Temple, Hanuman Temple are located nearby the famous Fort.
  5. There exists a secret canal connecting Rewa Fort and Govindgarh Fort. It was used by the Royal family.
  6. The first ever white tiger Mohan was captured from the nearby forests of Govindgarh by the then King of Rewa, HH Martand Singh Ji.



It is known for its Buddhist stupas. The Deur Kothar stupa may have been established by the Maurya king Asoka in the 3rd century BCE. In the ancient times, the site was located on the Dakshinapatha (Southern Trade Route) running east-west from Patliputra (Patna) to Pratishthana in Maharashtra through Central India. Being situated centrally amongst the famous Buddhist places like Sanchi, Sagar, Kaushambi and Sarnath, Deur Kothar used to be visited by Bhuddhist monks frequently.

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